Why is proofreading a must for your academic documents?

Proofreading is reading any content, physical, or electronic copy to find out errors and correct it. Howsoever good you are in writing but sometimes, you may create errors like a spelling mistake or a grammatical error. Due to this small carelessness..Read More

How to go about final re-writing of your manuscript?

Once you have framed the final draft of your research paper, your job doesn’t end. After taking some rest and when you feel fresh, bring out your manuscript again and re-write it in a manner that its performance can improve by great turns. Befo..Read More

Why we need innovative survey techniques?

  Conducting a survey for research can become boring, for the team doing the study, as well as for the respondents who have to spare time for answering questions. Most of the times, the respondents will hate participating in these sample surv..Read More

How to record a research interview?

Interviews hold a crucial role in the process of creating an excellent research document. Whatever be the theme of the research document, it is quite essential for the research student to opt for excellent assistance on conducting an effective resear..Read More

The Most Daunting Side of Thesis Rewriting

Pursuing a doctorate and writing a thesis are not very big tasks; however the most daunting task is when you face a rejection or are asked to correct your work, rewrite and submit again for an evaluation. There are a number of factors that lead to ma..Read More
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