Tips to Manage a Large Research Project

You have three to four years to complete your PhD, and you think that you have copious time, but time goes by rapidly. Deferring your PhD project unless deadlines are extremely closer ends up with nothing but a complete ruin. If you don’t want ..Read More

How to Identify Whether or Not You Should Use Survey Methodology

Survey methodology is used to collect information about the population of interest by organising face-to-face interviews, telephonic conversations, internet or any other media source. Surveys are used to assess thoughts, feelings and opinions of peop..Read More

Using advanced tools for statistics

Those who are working with large data should try and acquaint themselves with some of the finest statistical tools that are available in the market. SPSS is one such tool that has acquired great popularity with the student and scholar community. Usin..Read More

Using EndNote for Tracking and Organizing Literature for Your Lit Review

Penning a dissertation is not the same as penning a research paper or a journal article. You would have to scout for information and do broad research on the topic of your research work. Several students lack experience in the field and, therefore, f..Read More
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