Using EndNote for Tracking and Organizing Literature for Your Lit Review

Penning a dissertation is not the same as penning a research paper or a journal article. You would have to scout for information and do broad research on the topic of your research work. Several students lack experience in the field and, therefore, feel stumped. If you know how to use EndNote, then you can successfully complete your work faster. Here is how.

A Database for Your Resources

EndNote not only serves as a database for all the resources you have collected but it also serves as a source for annotating them. No more would students have to cut, copy, and paste resources. With this software program, you can even easily sort the different sources of information and even review them for later use. So, you should firstly collect high quality articles. Many of the universities track the scholarship and the relevance of the literature review. Therefore, you would have to use a software program such as EndNote to complete your referencing work.

Take Clear Notes

There are many fields in EndNote. You would have to be careful what you put in which fields. For instance, do not directly copy and paste the abstract of the books or articles that you refer to. Make sure you draft your own abstract and enter it in this field. Sort your literature after this into clear groups. The left hand column in EndNote will serve that purpose. Start a group as you begin to see subtopics that are of interest to you.

Add Your References to EndNote

Whatever chunks of information you want to simply copy and paste or refer to should be put in EndNote. Then, you may want to go back and refer the original sources once again so that you can complete your analysis of the works of certain authors.

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