PhD Research Design Help

Thesis Clinic is committed towards offering research design help for various domains and subjects.
The team takes care to provide a proper plan for the research process. While offering research design assistance, the team ensures to make the candidate familiar with the studies that have already been conducted in the related field. This helps in formulating the strategy for design of surveys, interviews and experiments. Our team also assists in collection of data that is required for analysis and further citing them as findings chapter. The experts follow a detailed strategy thereby incorporating all the intricacies, while completing the research design.

PhD Research
Design Services

  • Formulation of the research questions
  • Review/creation of a theoretical model
  • Coining of Hypotheses statements
  • Suggesting the methodology to be followed
  • Advising on sample size and research philosophy and approach

The team prepares the first draft, reviews the research document and finalises it as per scheduled timeline and specifications of the university.

Factors considered while offering PhD research design help

At Thesis Clinic, we promise to offer you genuine PhD research design services in UK on conducting your research with the help of our consultants.

  • Identifying the topic on which the student/researcher intends to do a research on
  • Being realistic
  • Being precise
  • Being flexible
  • Prior testing of research methods
  • Revising research question/research methods

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