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Usually, the first thought that enters your mind when you enroll in the PhD course is “What topic should I do my research on” which is closely followed by “Wait, How do I know that?” You must be aware of what happens next, that 'wait' stretches into a 'never-ending wait'. At the very starting point, when you are still adjusting to the whole idea of doing PhD, you are thrown into the phase of finalising your research ideas! Yes, it is as overwhelming as it sounds to be. Most of the students are clueless and confused as it's not about just choosing a topic; it's about coming up with a new idea. And to top it all, the supervisor turns out to be an absentee! What are you supposed to do then? The time's running out! Well, there is always a solution, you just have to look in the right direction. In this case, the right direction points to us! Yes, we are the solution providers with our exclusive PhD topic consultation service in UK that can clear the bridge of success for you.

We can very well understand the gravity of the situation. Choosing a thesis topic is one of that area where most of the researchers and PhD students tend to face a lot of difficulties. It is because of the vast availability of information on any domain that the researcher seeks to study. The expert team at Thesis Clinic provides the scholar with inputs that would facilitate the thought process of the scholar to decide the research topic. The expert team holds rich experience and expertise in handling the various aspects of the research work.

Here is What
We Offer :

  • Providing you with choice of three original and viable topics related to the area of your study
  • An overview of 200 words for each of the topic
  • Providing minimum five references for each of the topic
  • Search report from Google on the topic
  • Testing the topic

"In a survey conducted of PhD guides in UK, 40% guides stated that PhD candidates have selected an inappropriate or unviable topic."

Key features of our PhD Topic Consultation Service

At an early stage with little knowledge, it becomes difficult to choose the right thesis topic to avoid any problems later. The whole point is to narrow down a real unique topic which is in trend and has a great extent of scope. Moreover, a topic that gets your blood flowing, as the selected topic may become a career focus. This is where we play our role, by providing PhD topic choice help in UK.

We suggest you the topic bearing in mind the following:

  • Relevance for the society, professional field, industry and research fraternity
  • Feasibility, in terms of the time and cost involved to complete the research
  • Availability of Resources and access by the researcher
  • Prior knowledge about the research topic
  • Availability of supervisors or instructors at the college

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