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Thesis Clinic: PhD Thesis Writing Services in UK

You’re here. The hard part is over. If you a doctoral candidate looking for PhD thesis help in UK for your PhD research, PhD thesis writing, review, statistics or editing; you have reached the right place. At Thesis Clinic, we offer range of customised services for PhD candidates. Our gamut includes

  • selecting a topic,
  • developing a proposal or conceptual framework,
  • writing of chapters,
  • statistics and editing services.

Why PhD Candidates Need PhD Writing Help?

Doctoral candidates seek help from professional PhD thesis writing company because of the complexity involved in completing research and writing thesis. The most common issue in PhD writing is that the flow and writing style for a thesis is completely different from that of anything you might have written earlier. The strength of arguments you make, flow and transition is where the best candidate flounder. The proper structure of language and the formation of an intelligible write up with flawless grammatical language make an approved thesis. For candidates who have received detailed and discouraging feedback on their thesis, we offer our PhD thesis writing services by experts.

Precisely what does our service entail?

Our services can be customised based on the research scholar’s need. For PhD thesis writing service in UK, we not only offer writing service, but also consulting and query resolutions. To cite an example, once a candidate approaches us for PhD writing services in UK, we ask him/her the following questions:

  • a ) Topic of research
  • b ) Key research questions
  • c ) Chapter to be written
  • d ) Expected length of chapter in words or pages

Basis these details, we offer a price quote for writing. Once the candidate approves the cost, we proceed with the work. The first step in our service is to make a structural plan of the chapter we are going to write and list of references we use. This part takes a lot of time as the consultant spends

time in reading reference papers, making their list and further making a plan for the chapter. The chapter plan includes headings, sub-headings and a brief description of each of them. This is thereupon sent to the client for approval. On receipt of its approval, our writers start writing the chapter and present a draft of the chapter to the candidate. It is then the candidate review the writing style, makes stylistic changes and advises us of the issues found, if any. Basis this feedback, our team makes further changes in the document. This process continues till the chapter is approved from the supervisor.

Why should you work with us?

We understand that internet is full of websites claiming to be PhD writing services and we also understand that they are not what they claim to be. Thesis Clinic is an honest and ethical PhD support organisation assisting PhD candidates with their research and completion of thesis. We are located at Oxford and are willing to meet potential clients. And yes, the coffee is on us. Please click here to see our office location. If you wish to schedule an appointment with a consultant, please write to us at info@thesisclinic.co.uk.

We are sure that after your first interaction with us, you will realise the difference in the way we approach work. All our writers and editors are UK natives while we draw energies from subject matter experts and statisticians from across the world.

All our services are guaranteed for your satisfaction. This implies that you have a right to refund should the service offer you anything below PhD quality writing, delayed deliveries or refusal to attend to your queries. We also guarantee security of documents and confidentiality to our clients. So much so, that we get all our consultants to work on an encrypted server to prevent data loss.

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