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In a research, statistical methods are implemented to evaluate the validity of the data collected by the researcher for attaining the research objectives. The results of a statistical analysis should ensure the correct interpretation of your research and its validation. There are several different methods and tools that can be used to analyze your quantitative data and that's where the problem comes into the picture. Usually, the dilemma faced by students is 'which statistical tool to use for their particular research' and 'how to use it'. If you are oblivious to this concept, then working on a statistical tool will be like solving a puzzle with broken pieces. Learning statistics can take months, and if you are still struggling, it will turn into real nightmares, real soon. Taking help for your thesis statistics from an experienced consultancy can relieve you of those nightmares, ease your worries and allow you to successfully create high-quality methods and results of your PhD program. We are those trusted and experienced team of statistical consultants who are equipped with the remedy to fix those broken pieces for you. Our data analysis help for thesis can remarkably reduce your workload. Our services also include of guiding you in developing statistical hypotheses, statistical power analysis and acquiring correct statistical methods for your data analysis chapter of the thesis. We offer expert assistance in conducting data analysis using SPSS/AMOS/STATA/SAS/Meta- Analysis by statisticians who are professionally qualified to do so. There are a number of statistical analysis methods that are available within these software’s. Some of the common analysis that we run for our clients include:

  • T-Tests, ANOVA for Medicine, HR and Marketing related studies
  • Structured equation modelling using AMOS
  • Econometrics and multivariate analysis
  • Time series analysis
  • Thematic content analysis
  • Qualitative analysis using Nvivo

What are the common tests done?

Usually, data analysis comprises of descriptive and inferential analysis. The descriptive analysis presents the mean, mode and median and describes the overall characteristics of the data set. This helps the researcher and reader understand the profile of the respondents/experiment. Inferential analysis tests the statistical significance of the data for particular tests deployed on it. Popular tests include T-tests, ANOVA, Chi Square, Regression, Correlation and Non-parametric tests.

thesis statistics help
statistical analysis

What does our service include?

Our statistics consulting services for phd thesis includes providing you with descriptive and inferential test outputs, interpretation report in word format which briefly explains each and every output table/graph and software code/result files. Please note that our service does not include data entry or data cleaning.

Our statisticians offer data analysis help for thesis in UK to help you with any aspect of the statistical analyses for your particular domain of research. We will help you understand and interpret each type of statistical method along with the procedure with which the analysis is done in the suggested statistical software. Our commitment to assist all those individual students who require our thesis statistics help in UK is what makes us different.

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