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PhD Thesis editing includes a review of the PhD thesis, understanding the content and making changes to eliminate redundancies and repetition, as well as making changes in the language to improve the argumentative aspect of the research. Correction of grammatical errors, punctuation, spelling errors are also to be taken care of by the expert who is editing the document. Thesis editing is best done on the first draft after it has been reviewed by the supervisor and peers.

PhD thesis
editing services

  • Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation
  • Repetition, redundancies in the writing
  • Structure and transition
  • Citation compliance
  • Suggestions for overall improvement of writing

Thesis is an extremely important document which could be strewn with errors and could become unappealing to the research review committee.

What is not included in our thesis editing service?

Our PhD thesis editing services in UK does not include rewriting or writing afresh. Also, our editing service does not include taking care of comments of your supervisor which do not relate to use of language. Format check and correction is also not included in our editing service.


Even a seasoned writer needs editing service. Here’s why:

Hard work and the effort made to make the content rich will be nullified if there are language errors in the document. To make sure that your research and hard-work of drafting it all through does not go in vain, it is recommend opting for thesis editing service. You can opt for editing service at any stage of your PhD. If you have just started with writing, you can write every chapter and send to the editors for phd thesis editing in uk for review. This process helps further as you would know the mistakes you made last time and hence can improve your writing standard. If you have already completed your entire thesis, you can still benefit out of the editing service. Document as whole when edited helps in coherence and flow of the document.


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