Master The Art of Writing a Persuasive PhD Proposal

PhD research proposals are submitted to a research committee or the chair with an attempt to persuade them into believing that accepting it will benefit the institution as well as academia. However, the question is how to introduce persuasive techniques into your PhD proposal writing so as to to make it eloquent and approval-ready. 

When it comes to the approval of a research proposal, the first thing that your research board will perceive is how cogently you have made arguments to convince them. Making persuasive arguments to a proposal is undoubtedly critical, but your tone, confidence, knowledge and above all, evidence or proofs will make your job easy. 

Here are some useful tips to follow while writing your proposal: 

1. Use a Confident Tone

As long as your voice is clear, there are fewer chances of doubts that a research board may have while evaluating your proposal. It should be self-evident enough to convince your committee that you have a worthwhile research project. 

For instance, if your proposal topic is Govt initiatives and policies for solar power generation, you will cover all factors that would have a significant impact on policies such as total power consumption in states, resources, funds etc. 

2. Make Your Proposal Appealing to Research Committee

Having said earlier, the implicit notion in the proposal is that accepting it will be an advantage to your university or institution. Therefore, your proposal should clearly demonstrate how it is going to benefit the society, institution and other scholars. However, these benefits can be either short-term or long-term or both. 

3. Prove Why Your Proposal is Worth ‘Funding’

If you prove that the cost incurred in funding your proposal will give benefit, there are wider chances of selection of your proposal. PhD proposal writing is at times, solely dependent on the funding approvals of committees. 

4. Argue Down that Your Proposal is ‘Better’

You have to prove that your proposal is better than others in the field. For this purpose, you have to show that what other researches missed out, and how your proposed research will fill in those research gaps. Which aspects were failed to be chosen that could benefit your university, college and society, if considered. 

Summing up

A cogent proposal works like an advertisement that blows away the audience by overcoming doubts in minds. If you follow aforementioned tips, you will be able to write a compelling proposal. 

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