A Good Topic Leads to Contributory Research

Finding a good topic for your thesis is not as simple as it seems at times. However, you should consider your interests and choose something that is not only of relevance to you, but also to your field of study. It is extremely important to select a ..Read More

Do's and Don'ts of Dealing with a PhD Supervisor

If you are in the process of achieving your doctorate and are at the stage of writing a thesis, it is highly likely that you may be struggling to keep your supervisor happy and on the same page as you. It is a fact that if your thesis supervisor is h..Read More

Starting a PhD in UK? Know these 5 resources which will help you through your journey

I have seen candidates struggling with their PhD and sometimes they just back off. Annual Academic Report stated that over 47% of candidates take their enrolment to PhD back as they are not clear about the research and writing work and that makes the..Read More
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