Master The Art of Writing a Persuasive PhD Proposal

PhD research proposals are submitted to a research committee or the chair with an attempt to persuade them into believing that accepting it will benefit the institution as well as academia. However, the question is how to introduce persuasive techniq..Read More

Writing a Proposal for a Thesis

Once the researcher has decided on what topic he is going to discuss in his thesis, he has to take it to a committee for approval. Before taking it to the committee the student needs to prepare a proposal specifying his intention to examine that part..Read More

How to write the outline of online dissertation proposal

Dissertation proposal is one of the initial stages of dissertation writing, where the student provides an outline of his/her work. If the dissertation proposal is approved by the committee, the student can continue with his/her research work. If the ..Read More

Template for Writing an Effective Abstract

The team of subject matter experts at Thesis Clinic believes that an 'Abstract' is a vital part of your thesis as it gives an impression of the quality of research undertaken by the candidate. An ‘Abstract’ should include the f..Read More
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