How to go about final re-writing of your manuscript?

Once you have framed the final draft of your research paper, your job doesn’t end. After taking some rest and when you feel fresh, bring out your manuscript again and re-write it in a manner that its performance can improve by great turns. Before submitting your research document to a reputed journal, it is very important for you to adjust the same so as to fit the style requirement of your target journal.

Some of the specific things that you need to do to your research paper include the following:-

  • Re-writing the Abstract in the form used by your journal-Once you have chosen a particular journal, it is very important for you to re-write the ‘Abstract’ in your paper so as to suit the format that is being used by the respective journal.
  • Choosing keywords to append to the Title- If required, you should also use a set of keywords so as to append the Title of your research document. Doing this would make your paper even more impressive.
  • Matching figure legends to the journal’s style- It is very important to match the figure legends so as to suit the style requirements of the journal, which you have chosen for the publication of your research document.
  • Translating your References into the correct bibliographic format- You also need to translate your References into the correct bibliographic format so as to suit the requirements of your chosen journal.

By re-writing your manuscript in the most efficient manner, you can easily resist facing the various difficult areas of your paper. So, steel yourself and improve the problem areas, one by one. Re-examine the structure of your research paper and I am sure you will definitely come across some or the other areas where your paper needs improvement. Make sure your paper is free from any errors that might tend to interfere with its credibility in the long run.


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