Why we need innovative survey techniques?


Conducting a survey for research can become boring, for the team doing the study, as well as for the respondents who have to spare time for answering questions. Most of the times, the respondents will hate participating in these sample surveys, simply because they do not care about the outcome. They are not related to the research and will not be affected by the results. So, it is obvious that they will want the questionnaire to get over as soon as possible.

Many a times, respondents do not wish to share certain information about them. Asking them questions related to their choice and preference about personal things might be perceived as intrusion. Even in online surveys, which were thought to be the answer to the problems of personal or telephonic surveys, the percentage of response has been on the decline. The reason is that people often find the surveys tedious. The surveys are designed in a way that lacks engagement factor. And with the attention span of the respondents low, they are likely to leave the questionnaires incomplete in most cases.

Then, how do you get the respondents stimulated and attain the information that you need? The only way out is innovation. You have to constantly come up with new ideas and techniques for designing the surveys. Take the test yourself, or involve a friend and ask him the questions. If you find the survey interesting and simple, then go ahead and hand it over to the respondents. If not, then keep thinking and make some changes.

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