The Most Daunting Side of Thesis Rewriting

Pursuing a doctorate and writing a thesis are not very big tasks; however the most daunting task is when you face a rejection or are asked to correct your work, rewrite and submit again for an evaluation. There are a number of factors that lead to making the task of rewriting a thesis the most daunting task ever.

The mental block:

Facing a rejection may make you prone to losing morale and may give you the feeling of a mental block. This feeling would make you believe that there is no chance that you may be able to clear the thesis if you had to do a part or the whole of it again. You may start to think that you have run out of matter to put into your work and may incline towards the tendency of giving up.

Lack of understanding:

One major drawback of being faced with a thesis rewriting task is that you may not gain a complete understanding of how and where you went wrong. This may lead not only to general frustration but may also hold the chances of repeating the same mistakes again.

Fear of Rejection:

Once burnt twice shy is a phrase that aptly suits those who face a rewriting assignment while in the thesis process. Rejection leaves the aspirant with a constant fear of getting rejected again. Having a fear at the back of the mind leads a person to ill-performing even at the task on hand.

Fatigue and lack of motivation:

The chances of giving up on the process and earning an ABD status is something that is most likely to happen when one has to re-write the thesis project. The motivation to do it may get lost in the process and one may end up abandoning the project entirely.

The thesis project is a major hurdle that people need to cross when they aspire to earn a PhD. If one has to re-write the thesis, it is advisable that the criticism should be  taken in a positive sense and the re-work is done with greater vigour so that a better job may be done. If knowledge or confidence seems to be problems, taking the help of a professional is the best bet for tackling a re-writing effectively.


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