How to record a research interview?

Interviews hold a crucial role in the process of creating an excellent research document. Whatever be the theme of the research document, it is quite essential for the research student to opt for excellent assistance on conducting an effective research interview. It is the most obvious common sense to state that the interview must be recorded adequately. Yet a careful check of first interviews by beginning students shows that this most obvious rule is not always followed. Considerable experience and repeated corrections are required before the interview is recorded properly.

Even for the highly structured questionnaire, in which the interviewer has only to check “yes”, “no” or “don’t know” or one of a series of answers concerning degree of approval, the beginner will often leave out questions or fail to mark down the answers. In the interesting task of asking questions and trying to understand answers, the interviewer is likely to believe that the answers have been recorded. It is therefore useful to have another person check the interviews even in a relatively small research project so that all the questions are answered for each respondent. PhDworkz is a firm which is committed towards offering high end PhD dissertation writing and editing services to research students busy in framing research papers on a wide range of topics and themes.

Just as the interviewer can obtain only a small part of the respondent’s total experience, so the interview record presents only a small part of the interviewer’s experience in the interview. Increasingly, social research is group research and increasingly the interviewer is not the person who analyses the tabulated data. The work of recording the interview, then, becomes still more important. What is quite obvious to the interviewer, observant to the details of his interaction with the respondent, cannot be known to the analyst unless the information is included in the interview protocol. PhD thesis consultants working under various reputed thesis writing and editing services firms ensure that the research document of the research students is being created in the most professional and result-oriented manner.


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