Enrolling yourself for a PhD doctorate program can, in itself, be a tough decision to take for any student. In addition to facing the pressures of years of research and uncertainty, PhD students also need to explain and convince their family or relatives that they have taken the right decision. This article looks at the […]

At the outset, let us dispel the false notion that PhD students do not require academic skills to obtain their PhD doctorate. Academic qualities include high levels of intelligence, knowledge, IQ, and testing skills. These skills are vital for any undergraduate course and can also enrol you for the PhD program, but that is where […]

I have seen candidates struggling with their PhD and sometimes they just back off. Annual Academic Report stated that over 47% of candidates take their enrolment to PhD back as they are not clear about the research and writing work and that makes their PhD a cumbersome journey to walk through. After discussing with a […]

With a degree in hand and the dedication to do something with all the knowledge that you have, after earning a PhD in education, you are now set to make your way through the career options and select the one that suits your capacity, the best. Here is a list of the top 10 career […]

Research and higher education are now at the forefront of debates regarding the economic development of any country. Many people believe that the post-industrial world needs lots of highly educated people. A doctoral degree has become highly important in a world, which uses knowledge as its fuel. Here are the wider benefits of pursuing a […]

Although qualifying and scoring good marks in PhD degree is tough round the globe but it becomes tougher when the doctorate is done in the UK. It’s an iron nail to hold on foot when it comes to acquire the most respectable degree in an academic career. Furthermore, it is not only discomforting but also […]

I have interacted with many to conclude the survival strategies that have helped them to sail through a PhD.  This could compile into  an extensive list of suggestions and strategies, to my surprise and they were diverse with a lot of subjectivity on individuals incorporated. The opinions range from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to meditation […]

One of the most important qualities that a researcher is required to have is the ability to take notes. They should be open to the fact that they could get vital pieces of information at any time during the day. They could also get new ideas at the least expected moments. They could sit down […]

It is a good idea for students to consider doing a PhD on nutrition. This is a subject that is gaining a lot of attention with every passing day. People are leading unhealthy lifestyles. The threat of lifestyle related conditions like diabetes and blood pressure is increasing by the day. Food producers are looking for […]

Research scholars have almost accessed every walk of life in order to collect ideas for their dissertations. Even the criminology department has not been un-touched by the doctoral candidates looking for hot topics for their dissertations. In this blog of mine, I would make you familiar with some very exhilarating criminology topics for your dissertations. […]