What Happens If You Fail Your Dissertation UK?

Although qualifying and scoring good marks in PhD degree is tough round the globe but it becomes tougher when the doctorate is done in the UK. It’s an iron nail to hold on foot when it comes to acquire the most respectable degree in an academic career. Furthermore, it is not only discomforting but also nerve-racking if your dissertation is detested by the academic experts. The situation becomes even worst when a PhD scholar fails in his dissertation.

Thus, it’s imperative to understand the leading consequences which may fall if you fail in your doctorate dissertation. Failure can be of different levels and of various elevations- it depends whether you fail in few parts of a particular section of the entire process, you failed in some sections or else you failed in the whole PhD dissertation, also various reasons of the dissertation failure fall into following category –

  • You should go through the format assigned by your university, so that your dissertation may not be designed beyond the prescribed format. Contravening the university guideline may put your dissertation in the snubbed category.
  • Dissertations which are submitted unchecked and have ample of blunders of grammatical errors, punctuations, spellings and alignment issues in it, are often rejected as such blunders are not at all expected at doctorate level. Thus, you fail in your dissertation and your dissertation is subject to be re-worked and analyzed by an expert in order to remove all the flaws and make it error free.
  • Lastly, if you fail in your dissertation, apart from all your efforts, your year of PhD also goes in vain and you need to work upon again starting from the scratch.

Hence, each and every section, module and paper of PhD dissertation should be analyzed, understood and written with full awareness and acquaintances in order to achieve success in it.

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