Top 10 Career Opportunities for Education PhDs in UK and Europe

With a degree in hand and the dedication to do something with all the knowledge that you have, after earning a PhD in education, you are now set to make your way through the career options and select the one that suits your capacity, the best. Here is a list of the top 10 career choices that you get when you have an education PhD in UK or Europe:

  1. You may decide to opt for a hard-core teaching, training or instruction profile in a university and start spreading the knowledge.
  2. You can also opt for an administrative role in a school or opt for a role that works towards policy building in educational institutes.
  3. There are those who also get into the research and development careers for universities or educational institutions after gaining their education PhD.
  4. A career in writing and publishing may also be a real opportunity for those PhD’s who have a liking for the job.
  5. Some of you can also get into counselling of students because there is always scope for guiding people through something that you have already experienced.
  6. It is also possible for you to explore an opportunity as a consultant with companies that offer consultancy for PhD aspirants and students.
  7. You can also try your chance in business with the venture targeted towards the use of your academic skills and your PhD degree.
  8. Going the freelance way is also something that you can try out with your degree, this will give you an opportunity to be able to work on your own terms and you can take up more than one job at a time.
  9. You can decide to lead from the front and work with a school as a principal. Since schools require the principals to have a PhD degree, you may fit the bill.
  10. If you think that is too much, you can just opt to work for the school on the way they plan their teaching style and their schooling schedule and curriculum.

When you have an education PhD, you may think you have limited opportunities with regard to the career, but from what you see, there is a lot to try out.

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