Using Terminologies while Writing a Report

When scholars are preparing dissertations, they have to take great care in the way they write the terminologies. Every discipline has its own set of terminologies. The scholars have to be aware of what they mean and in what context they need to be used. The knowledge of the scholar can be brought into question if the terminologies are used incorrectly.

Dissertation writers should ideally devote a portion of their report to the explanation of the terminologies used in the content. This explanation is often provided by the writer in the back pages of the report. If the dissertations are only going to be read by those in the writer’s field of study then the writer can be confident that his audience will understand the words. But scholars who wish to publish the report to the outside world will want to explain complicated technical jargon so that every layman can understand what has been written.

One of the reasons that terminologies are used is that every discipline feels the need to standardize the language that is used by their scholars. They want that everybody should be on the same page as far as language is concerned so that the meaning of the research can be understood across geographies and across cultures. Thus, finance has its own jargon, medicine has its own jargon, and literature has its own jargon. The other reason for using terminologies is that long and complicated concepts can be condensed easily in one or two words making elongated explanations unnecessary.

It may be tempting for scholars to pepper their material with terminologies, but they should refrain from doing that. They should opt for long explanation when necessary and only use jargon in places where the meaning is self evident. But judicious use of terminology can impress upon the reader that the scholar knows what he or she is writing about.

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