Things to Avoid in Your Thesis Conclusion

Writing the conclusion is one of the most daunting tasks for a student. The conclusion is a crucial aspect of the thesis as it must elaborate how you have made a contribution to knowledge in the field and you must discuss the implications of your study in the future. This part of the thesis need not be as long as the other chapters but it does have a major role to play in your thesis writing project. Here are 4 common mistakes that you must avoid while writing your conclusion:

1. Revisit the earlier chapters – Sometimes, writers tend to go on and on about their findings again in the conclusion. Examiners hate this as they have already read your thesis before. Your conclusion needs to smartly summarise your previous chapters and do the work of finishing the thesis.
2. Introducing new material – Many writers tend to include a lot of new material in the conclusion. This really confuses the examiners. If you want to include new ideas or topics, they must be done in the introduction or the literature review. If you are adding too much new information towards the end, it sends a signal that you have found this information at the end and are too lazy to edit your previous chapters and add it there.
3. You skip the limitations – You cannot complete the research without certain limitations. You need not spend pages writing the difficulties but it is important to note down what your research delivers and what it doesn’t. Examiners like to see how you have faced limitations and emerged out of them at the end of your writing journey.
4. Making over-claims or under-claims – It is important to stress on the implications of your study and how it will impact the industry in detail. If you over-promise, you might come across as boastful and if you under-promise, it might seem like your research is not worthy enough. Therefore, spend ample of time to elaborate the effects and implications of your study.

You need enough time to work on your conclusion to leave a lasting impression in your examiner’s mind. Do it well and you will definitely see great results!

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Great post. It helped me pen down my thesis conclusion section effortlessly.

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