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If you are pursuing a PhD, then you will have to conduct a research in a chosen topic. Now, there can be many sorts of research projects, and the exact form of research that you take up will depend upon the subject that you study. While qualitative and quantitative researches are the two primary forms of research, there are many others, which vary in their purpose and approach. Listed here are some forms of research that one can pursue:

  • Action Research: this is a study undertaken with practical objectives. Usually taken up by social or government organizations, or even industry bodies, action research seeks to improve the style of working and the effectiveness of certain practices. The issues addressed in these research projects are the problems to be solved and the results are the solutions.
  • Biographical Research: This is a qualitative study, based on the life of a person and the incidents that are mentionable. The data in such studies is collected through personal interviews with the person, his diary, articles published about him, media reports and through close acquaintances. It is important to stay objective while writing such a research document, as it is easy to get biased when discussing about a person.
  • Descriptive Research: This sort of research seeks to describe the characteristics of groups or individuals being studied. It also finds the relationship between variables and describes them in a logical manner. Thesis Writing Assistance must be sought for such research to stay focused.
  • Empirical Research: The data is conducted directly in the field and research is conducted through various experiments as a part of empirical research.
  • Applied Research: this is similar to action research, as the results of the research are meant to be applied in real life in the concerned field. Instances of such studies are the ones undertaken to enhance production capacity, interaction between teams and market share of a company.
  • Development Research: this is also a sort of applied research, with the difference that the study focuses on further development of the topic and aims to solve a problem. The study will explain the scope for further research.
  • Ethnographic Research: this is the study where the researcher becomes a part of the participant group to gather data and know about the practices and activities of the population. Ethnicity studies are conducted to find out about the cultural background of people.
  • Experimental Research: A causal factor has to be manipulated for such a research, and various experimental tests are conducted before a clear result is found.

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