Kate knew how to overcome the challenges in choosing the right topic for her PhD thesis

Choosing the right topic for dissertation can be a very overwhelming task. The sigh of relief here can be that the process can be made slightly easier when you know how get started with it. Here is a bit of tips that Kate followed and it surely made her dissertation writing journey easier. because she had it bulls eye right in the first attempt by choosing the perfect topic.

Kate pushed the envelope just right: By pushing the envelope just right, we mean that Kate knew that when she finalised her topic, it:

  1. Did not repeat something that already existed in dataset
  2. It created room for her research to have an interesting element to it, other than just the unique quotient which we all know of.
  3. It threw light on an existing theme or subject in such a way that it would bring out a new perspective to it.

Kate knew that the the methods for her topic matched the theory well: The question she drafted through theory, she ensured that it could be answered by the methods she could apply. This is possible when your theory and methods are applied together because that made the task of choosing the topic easier. Kate worked on the  theoretical framework that she wished to interrogate and then corresponded it with the methods that had to follow.

Kate’s question couldn't be answered in a yes or no: Thats an important tip to remembers as if the question could be answered in a yes or a no, then it does not mean a real dissertation question. A real question is what reasons out why a particular thing is happening and what are the solutions attached to the problem identified.

Kate was certain that her topic didn't fall in the “bad” category of questions: With all the logical and technical parameters justified and in place, there are aspects that go beyond just the envelope pushing, and that is a where your dissertation topic question should also fulfil the basic requirement of being a good question. Kate did this by becoming thorough with the existing literature in such a way that she knew where exactly would her topic fill the gap.

Kate made the topic “sexy”: It isn’t just important that the content be worthy, the packing has to be appealing as well. What looks good, sells good. You got to look at your research from the perspective of a marketer and know that for people to get attracted, the topic got to have the appeal in it. Not boring or mundane surely.

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