Importance of plagiarism free content in your thesis

With the easy access to the internet, students have become comfortable with copying text online. You can find content on absolutely any subject on the internet and this makes it easy for students to use the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V command. However, the repercussions of copying content from other sources without quoting references can be extremely harmful for your scores. Your thesis can even be disqualified on the basis of plagiarism.

Every student pursuing his PhD or Masters must take necessary steps to avoid plagiarism and ensure that the content in his thesis is 100% original. If you are unsure about your work, you can also hire a professional company to check for plagiarism in your content and remove all plagiarised content to give you a fair chance in your thesis. Plagiarism can be of two types – accidental and intentional. There is no remedy for intentional plagiarism but accidental plagiarism can be removed by a professional company. Some technical terms might still match but you can get 80% removal by hiring such services.

Changes made in your content include:

  • Adding missing references so that content is not plagiarised but referenced
  • Adding necessary quotes and mentioning the source from where the content is taken
  • Making necessary changes to the layout of the chapter
  • Rephrasing the content in own words to make it plagiarism free

If your thesis gets rejected because of plagiarism issues, you will not clear your MBA or PhD, leaving you disheartened. If you want to ensure that your thesis is plagiarism free, you can hire a professional company and seek their guidance to make your content 100% original. They will also give you a report that your content is plagiarism free and thus, you can be assured that your thesis will not be rejected.

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