How to Write an Effective Introduction to Your Research

Sometimes, it is challenging to write the Introduction chapter for your research project. This chapter is actually the engine driving your entire document. Writing an introduction to your research is not about displaying your creative writing skills. However, the major aspect of this chapter is evidence-based writing where you need to defend all your statements using existing laws, theories and examples. To draft an effective introduction, you may begin by stating about the objectives and goals of your study. Describe the general field to which your study contributes. Your readers should not keep waiting till the end to find out the purpose of your study.

You may then give a short background of your study in which you may reflect linkage to your next chapters of literature review and methodology. You can try to cite a few recent studies to support your background section that may stretch over two to four pages. Mention unresolved issues and concerns before moving on to give details of your exact problem. Show how there is an existing gap in knowledge and needs to be filled in by your study. Describe the purpose of your study in detail. You may also describe a bit about your research design.

Identify the research variables and population on which you would conduct your study. Now, give details of the likely contributions of your study toward filling the existing knowledge gaps. Discuss about some primary research questions and hypotheses. While indicating toward your research design, mention about the study participants, instruments to be used and procedure to be followed. Later, give a detailed theoretical background or framework of your study. This is the basis of your entire work. You may also mention the scope of your study, as well as its assumptions and limitations. Lastly, define some terms that may lead to conflicting meanings. Summarize your Introduction chapter here while giving a preview of the next chapter.

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