How to write a research paper: A brief guide

Documenting research in a well-structured research paper is tough.Many novice researcher-writers are unable to even get started with the writing process. Direction-less effort, inadequate guidance & knowledge of the writing standard in academia are the main reasons newbies do not feel comfortable with writing research papers. However, things can be made simpler by following a few tips that are discussed in this brief guide. Let us begin from the start:

Creating the outline of the research paper is a first step towards the process. A researcher should be aware of the format to be followed based on the subject of research and institution. APA and MLA are commonly followed writing style of a research paper.

Step 1: Title of Research Paper
An eye-catcher or a spoiler, title of your research paper could be either of it. The first page of your research paper that holds a lot of importance and one mistake into it can cause trouble for the entire research paper written. A precise and crisp title of the research paper will benefit you as a researcher, whereas a controversial or sensational title will create problems. Keeping the title crisp and to the point helps a researcher in writing elaborately over his thesis.

Step 2: Abstract of Research Paper
Abstract gives a summarized view of research papers and needs to have characteristics to attract and encourage the potential reader of the paper. The reader of your research paper abstract should be reminded of in a positive manner and should, in the end, want your research work for a detailed read.

Step 3: Introduction
Introduction of the subject of your research is to be done in this section. You need to present the crux of your research and give information on the issues or problem raised with reasoning. It should mention the objective for which the research has been done and thesis has been written.

Step 4: Methods used for research

Giving details of the methodology used for conducting the research is expressed under this section. In a research, there is data collection, techniques used and analysis of the problem on which researcher has delved into. Under this head, the reason for using a particular method with clear justification needs to be explained. It is of a lot of importance that research method used in your research is relevant to your research hypothesis. A larger framework has to be given to theoretical concepts or other researcher’s similar work basis which said the method is chosen. Complete details of selection, collection and analysis of data are mentioned while stating research methods or methodology.

Step 5: Results derived and Conclusion
The observations and findings of the research have to be written in detail by providing proper reasoning for any hypothesis made in the entire research and supporting documents to prove results derived of a problem or issue addressed in the research. Giving a conclusion on how the entire research conducted has benefitted the society as a whole and result derived can be converted into action needs to be discussed.

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