How to Make Your Literature Review More Valuable

Literature review is considered to be one of the most important parts of your research. In fact, it is like the backbone of your project and supports your study objectives and findings. You need to be quite focused while you are documenting your entire literature review in your thesis or dissertation. It should be used as a background to define your work and its importance. Check out how you can make this chapter more valuable for your research.

Relate it to your study

When you start documenting the literature review of relevant previous studies, make sure that you are not just stating these studies for the sake of doing so. Instead, form a relation between your present study and this previous literature. Find out the points of agreement and differentiation among these studies and try to discuss all such aspects in a meaningful manner. This literature should become a context for highlighting your own study.

Create logic while writing

No study should be just mentioned like that. Make sure they form a cohesive story or discussion that makes sense. Integrate these studies and present a wide picture of your subject using them. You can understand their themes thoroughly before presenting an analysis of the same.

Stay clear and relevant

To provide complete clarity of your study’s scenario, it is important that you shape your literature review in a comprehensive manner. Be concise and only focus on the relevant findings. Try to maintain logic behind the studies that you choose to discuss in your chapter on literature review.

Use the right style

Select to include valid and recent research in your literature review. Still, do not be biased. Finally, mention each study in the specific professional style of citation that has been suggested by your academic institution.

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