Career plans after PhD - From PhD to Life

Have you completed your PhD? Congratulations! You must be living the dream.

Now you must be looking forward to the new phase of your life- starting your career! But hey- go slow. Do not just hurry up and grab the first job which you get. Instead, read on the blog to know how you can make your career plans after PhD that can prove highly fruitful in the long run.

Teaching at your College or University

If you have decided to take up teaching as your career, you may initially find it challenging to make the transition from being a student to a teacher staff member. It can actually turn out to be a great option as you are familiar with the college and department and know how things are done. You may even have prior teaching experience as a research scholar which will definitely add to your confidence.

Non-Academic Options

Sometime during your PhD research, you may have decided that academic career is not apt for you. What next? Well, relax! It is not the end of the world. Even if you do not want to end up with an academic career does not mean that all the knowledge and skills which you have acquired over the years will become irrelevant. Surely, you may find searching for a job difficult as you have little actual work experience. You need to clearly demonstrate your prospective employer that completing PhD means that you are a great time keeper, self driven and can successful sustain project development and design.

Additionally, you can need to communicate that you can manage small budgets, communicate your ideas well to your peers and subordinates and work with a team. Furthermore, clearly inform the employers what non-academic roles you undertook as a PhD scholar and how you completed it successfully.

Temporary Teaching in other College

If you believe that teaching in the same institute where you have completed your PhD will restrict your career, you can seek part time temporary teaching opportunity in any other college or institute. It will not only add to your CV, but will also give you confidence and insight about the teaching methods in other institutes.


Apart from the aforementioned career paths, you can also opt for post doctorate degree. It can provide you a chance for boosting the publications and research side of your CV through working with the best researchers in your field!

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