The team of subject matter experts at Thesis Clinic believes that an ‘Abstract’ is a vital part of your thesis as it gives an impression of the quality of research undertaken by the candidate. An ‘Abstract’ should include the following sections: Research Problem Aim & Objectives of the Research Methodology Results Implications Keywords You can […]

Many students do not devote as much time to writing a thesis proposal as they should be, and this is detrimental to a student’s academic career. A thesis proposal helps a supervisor to understand the direction your thesis would be taking and whether it would have an important impact in your academic career. So, it […]

Dissertation proposal is one of the initial stages of dissertation writing, where the student provides an outline of his/her work. If the dissertation proposal is approved by the committee, the student can continue with his/her research work. If the review committee finds any lack in the research work, they will guide the students accordingly. Students […]

Once the researcher has decided on what topic he is going to discuss in his thesis, he has to take it to a committee for approval. Before taking it to the committee the student needs to prepare a proposal specifying his intention to examine that particular topic. The student can commence research on the topic […]