Tips to Manage a Large Research Project

You have three to four years to complete your PhD, and you think that you have copious time, but time goes by rapidly. Deferring your PhD project unless deadlines are extremely closer ends up with nothing but a complete ruin. If you don’t want ..Read More

How to Formulate a Research Problem

Formulation of a research problem is the first step to execute research on a particular area that you have chosen for. Since research is time-consuming, you can’t take a risk investing your money and time in conducting research on a topic that ..Read More

How to Identify Whether or Not You Should Use Survey Methodology

Survey methodology is used to collect information about the population of interest by organising face-to-face interviews, telephonic conversations, internet or any other media source. Surveys are used to assess thoughts, feelings and opinions of peop ..Read More

How to Write Qualitative Results Section in Your Dissertation

You have completed the gargantuan task of doing research for your dissertation. Now you have to analyse data and compose the results section of your dissertation. Analysing data may seem tedious and monotonous to you and consequently leads to procras ..Read More

Master The Art of Writing a Persuasive PhD Proposal

PhD research proposals are submitted to a research committee or the chair with an attempt to persuade them into believing that accepting it will benefit the institution as well as academia. However, the question is how to introduce persuasive techniq ..Read More

START. Your first step to writing your PhD Thesis

Every writer will tell you the same thing about writing: Writing always involves rewriting. I suggest when you are +that when you are writing any kind of document you create a rough first draft as quickly as possible. The important thing is to ge ..Read More

Why is proofreading a must for your academic documents?

Proofreading is reading any content, physical, or electronic copy to find out errors and correct it. Howsoever good you are in writing but sometimes, you may create errors like a spelling mistake or a grammatical error. Due to this small carelessness ..Read More

How to ensure the formatting styles are maintained for your academic documents?

Each journal, dissertation or thesis has a specific formatting guideline that must be fulfilled if you want to publish your paper or score well in your thesis. Formatting in APA and MLA styles are the main two categories that you have to follow. Howe ..Read More

How to frame research questions or hypotheses for your PhD research

“A question well stated is a question half answered” Your topic was introduced, background information provided, and the purpose clearly stated . In this section of your research, you state the research questions or hypotheses for the ..Read More

How to Write a PhD Thesis in Three Months

How much time does it take to complete writing a thesis? A year or two? Right, it might take your entire last year to complete one. From deciding the topic, conducting the research and asking for PhD Thesis Statistics Help from your seniors or profes ..Read More

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