Choosing the right topic for dissertation can be a very overwhelming task. The sigh of relief here can be that the process can be made slightly easier when you know how get started with it. Here is a bit of tips that Kate followed and it surely made her dissertation writing journey easier. because she […]

There are certain mistakes, or we may call them as blunders that would make sure your failure in your PhD journey. Staying away from these big mistakes is important and you can do that if you know about them in advance so that you can follow a more proactive perspective. Not choosing your supervisor carefully: […]

Even the best of PhD academic writer have faced the dreaded writer’s block when working on their important PhD thesis. Writing a 100-page thesis can be demanding for most PhD students, and can be a constant source of stress with the approaching of the submission deadline. Listed below are some tips or strategies that you can […]

Enrolling yourself for a PhD doctorate program can, in itself, be a tough decision to take for any student. In addition to facing the pressures of years of research and uncertainty, PhD students also need to explain and convince their family or relatives that they have taken the right decision. This article looks at the […]

Have you completed your PhD? Congratulations! You must be living the dream. Now you must be looking forward to the new phase of your life- starting your career! But hey- go slow. Do not just hurry up and grab the first job which you get. Instead, read on the blog to know how you can […]

As a PhD student, you are likely to think of several scientific ideas, but not all of them can be potentially converted to a viable research topic and paper. Nevertheless, scientific curiosity can be a good starting point for your research steps. So, what are the general steps that you can take in converting your […]

At the outset, let us dispel the false notion that PhD students do not require academic skills to obtain their PhD doctorate. Academic qualities include high levels of intelligence, knowledge, IQ, and testing skills. These skills are vital for any undergraduate course and can also enrol you for the PhD program, but that is where […]

There are many PhD students who worry at some point of time about how long their research will be stretched and how soon it can be completed. They face anxious moments while writing a thesis and the biggest hurdle is to defend it successfully so that they can finally move on. Some will manage to […]

I have seen candidates struggling with their PhD and sometimes they just back off. Annual Academic Report stated that over 47% of candidates take their enrolment to PhD back as they are not clear about the research and writing work and that makes their PhD a cumbersome journey to walk through. After discussing with a […]

Some states emphasize on the significance of preparing major projects for getting a masters or doctorate degree, commonly known as thesis writing. A lot of research work and detailed study goes in to developing a good thesis and if sufficient proofreading is not done before submission it might end up being rejected due to minor […]