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Applied research is a form of investigation which involves a practical application of science. This method of research is used by many students when they are collecting data for their dissertation. This is a very useful method of finding out how conceptual theories have a use in the real world. There are many students who only know and understand the theory. But they struggle when this theory needs to be applied in a practical way and they have to write about what good it will do to apply them in the real world. Using applied research is a good starting point for them to find and understand practical solutions to concepts that until then they had only understood in theory.

Theories often have many assumptions and formulas and concepts are often derived after making certain assumptions. Many theories are derived on the assumption that the data and the sample population are homogenous in nature. This is not possible in real life. In the real world it is often impossible to get a sample population where all the test subjects are alike. More often than not there are wide ranging differences between the test subjects in the sample that is used. This is where the researcher needs to show a little bit of flexibility in the way he applies his theories. This is also important for telling him just how useful the concept is. After all, what good is science if it cannot be used for the betterment of the world around us? In many cases, it has been observed that researchers are able to modify the theory after understanding how it really works in real life.

Many companies and manufacturing firms have plenty of use for applied research. During the course of applied research the scientists also need to conduct plenty of surveys, ask people to fill out questionnaires and accumulate plenty of samples. This proves to be very useful for building the knowledge base of research laboratories and companies. Those who are writing a dissertation on any subject should try and use applied research to find out how their concepts work in real life. This will not only enhance their understanding of the subject, but it will also work to the betterment of society. Applied research also gives some novel ideas and helps to add that unique touch to a dissertation which is what every student and researcher really wants.


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