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Did you really say a ‘No’ to Christmas? Is that true? Oh, Come On, you got to be kidding!

No reason is big enough to let go off your most awaited day of the year! Because,

Jesus is the Reason for the Season, it is HIStory!

jesusThe evergreen month-long time bound by the mesmerizing Christmas carols, the hanging mistletoe, the sumptuous family feasts, and the Queen’s Evening Speech cannot possibly be replaced by anything, especially a never-ending Thesis!

Fast-approaching submission deadlines, coupled with Christmas celebrations, make the already messed up PhD scholar, more frustrated and inefficient. What is then required, is a set of pointers to help the entangled student, get out of his web of confusions, related to WHAT to do? HOW to do? And WHEN to do?

Christmas-CelebrationsSo, here are the Top 5 time management tips, so that you do not miss out on even a single jingle this Christmas!

  1. Prioritize: It’s not right to Say “yes” when you should actually say “no”! Prioritize your thesis for now, so that you can have ample time for actual celebrations later.
  1. Be Up-to-date: Set a target for “Every single hour” of your day, so as to track your work completion. Software such as Zotero, & Endnote could help!
  2. Take Short Breaks: Ensure that you say, “So, I’m going to refresh myself now“, once in a day. This would keep-up your energy, and the much-needed festive mood too !
  3. Don’t be a Perfectionist!: Yes, you read it right. Don’t spend too much time, on every single detail! It will anyways be revisited numerous times in your thesis-writing journey.
  4. Hire an Expert: Finally given up? Hire an expert to serve as your Blessing in Disguise! Get your work done professionally, without compromising on your family time or your enjoyment!

Getting Expert Thesis writing Help is easy!

So, Don’t let your entire month go wasted trying to do everything together, managing the bulk of Thesis chapters along with unavoidable Celebrations, but eventually ending up at the same initial stage!  Follow these Tips for a Merry X’Mas!


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