Thesis writing has become one of the most important aspects of a research scholar’s life. It is a step-by-step process and needs to be undertaken only under expert guidance. Through this blog of mine, I would like to highlight the important components of a thesis writing process. Here is a pictorial representation of the steps […]

Research document creation is impossible without a properly planned literature review. Prior to undertaking a literature review session, it is quite essential for the research student to ensure that his/her writing efforts are being directed in the correct direction. Even a single wrong step can actually put an adverse effect on the quality of the […]

Interviews hold a crucial role in the process of creating an excellent research document. Whatever be the theme of the research document, it is quite essential for the research student to opt for excellent assistance on conducting an effective research interview. It is the most obvious common sense to state that the interview must be […]

PhD Thesis writing is not just an ordinary writing job. It involves spending hours doing research in libraries, archives and labs for data collection. One can get so involved in trying to complete the thesis that there may not be any time left to fulfill other demands related to academics, job, or even recreation. To […]

If you are pursuing a PhD, then you will have to conduct a research in a chosen topic. Now, there can be many sorts of research projects, and the exact form of research that you take up will depend upon the subject that you study. While qualitative and quantitative researches are the two primary forms […]

Whether you are working on any project, preparing a case study or writing a thesis, you must be using many references. As long as you are using the references in a transparent and honest manner, you will be within the ethical parameters. However, with so much to do and with so many references to read, […]

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Thesis writing often takes you on a journey to explore the depths of knowledge and find out things that you may or may not use immediately. When you start the search for the perfect methodology for your project, you will be surprised to find the various approaches that exist for undertaking research. The two fundamental […]


Conducting a survey for research can become boring, for the team doing the study, as well as for the respondents who have to spare time for answering questions. Most of the times, the respondents will hate participating in these sample surveys, simply because they do not care about the outcome. They are not related to […]

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After the successful completion of your research paper, you should ensure to make special arrangements for getting it published in various reputed journals so as to gather maximum number of readers for the same. A publication house acts as a ray of hope for all those researchers who wish to hone the reader count for […]

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Once you have framed the final draft of your research paper, your job doesn’t end. After taking some rest and when you feel fresh, bring out your manuscript again and re-write it in a manner that its performance can improve by great turns. Before submitting your research document to a reputed journal, it is very […]

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