Many students do not devote as much time to writing a thesis proposal as they should be, and this is detrimental to a student’s academic career. A thesis proposal helps a supervisor to understand the direction your thesis would be taking and whether it would have an important impact in your academic career. So, it […]

It is essential for students to share their feedback with the academic support company. Many companies have a testimonial section on their website. This allows students to share their experiences and opinions with the company. This is a good way for the firm to know where they need to improve and what new services they […]

It is a good idea for students to consider doing a PhD on nutrition. This is a subject that is gaining a lot of attention with every passing day. People are leading unhealthy lifestyles. The threat of lifestyle related conditions like diabetes and blood pressure is increasing by the day. Food producers are looking for […]

It would be wise to remember that survey results could not be used in predicting the future because there are many deciding factors like the improvement in the economy, a competitor launching a new product, and so on. Another important thing while planning a survey is to take sufficient time as well as effort while […]

Dissertation proposal is one of the initial stages of dissertation writing, where the student provides an outline of his/her work. If the dissertation proposal is approved by the committee, the student can continue with his/her research work. If the review committee finds any lack in the research work, they will guide the students accordingly. Students […]

When the subject is law – and it binds in its purview all social, moral, psychological, monetary and human conditions – judicious use of words to define a case or condition has a critical bearing on its results. Take for instance the expression ‘natural law’ – while in common parlance it should suggest the rules […]

Applied research is a form of investigation which involves a practical application of science. This method of research is used by many students when they are collecting data for their dissertation. This is a very useful method of finding out how conceptual theories have a use in the real world. There are many students who […]

Research scholars have almost accessed every walk of life in order to collect ideas for their dissertations. Even the criminology department has not been un-touched by the doctoral candidates looking for hot topics for their dissertations. In this blog of mine, I would make you familiar with some very exhilarating criminology topics for your dissertations. […]

Examiners always expect the thesis to be free of grammatical errors. It takes a lot of hard work to conduct the research for writing a thesis. It is only natural that the student should put in the same amount of effort for writing it. If the material is filled with silly mistakes and unnecessary punctuation […]

Once the researcher has decided on what topic he is going to discuss in his thesis, he has to take it to a committee for approval. Before taking it to the committee the student needs to prepare a proposal specifying his intention to examine that particular topic. The student can commence research on the topic […]