With a degree in hand and the dedication to do something with all the knowledge that you have, after earning a PhD in education, you are now set to make your way through the career options and select the one that suits your capacity, the best. Here is a list of the top 10 career […]

When you are set to write a PhD thesis, there are rules and regulations that you are expected to follow. One of the biggest challenges lies in the fact that you are supposed to follow a set format for the completion of the thesis and the format is what helps you get the thesis approved […]

For those of you who are in the process of writing a thesis, citation may be the most detailed job in the entire process. You may be aware that the process of citation is one that needs to be done with intricacy and needs to adhere to the standards that are set. Styles of citation […]

Penning a dissertation is not the same as penning a research paper or a journal article. You would have to scout for information and do broad research on the topic of your research work. Several students lack experience in the field and, therefore, feel stumped. If you know how to use EndNote, then you can […]

Irrespective of whether you are writing a thesis or a simple essay, the formulation of a thesis statement will be the most difficult aspect of your research work. A thesis statement that is effective asserts, controls, and structures your entire argument. Here are a few ways to write your thesis statement. State Your Thesis Statement […]

Research and higher education are now at the forefront of debates regarding the economic development of any country. Many people believe that the post-industrial world needs lots of highly educated people. A doctoral degree has become highly important in a world, which uses knowledge as its fuel. Here are the wider benefits of pursuing a […]

Although qualifying and scoring good marks in PhD degree is tough round the globe but it becomes tougher when the doctorate is done in the UK. It’s an iron nail to hold on foot when it comes to acquire the most respectable degree in an academic career. Furthermore, it is not only discomforting but also […]

Literature review is considered to be one of the most important parts of your research. In fact, it is like the backbone of your project and supports your study objectives and findings. You need to be quite focused while you are documenting your entire literature review in your thesis or dissertation. It should be used […]

“The assumption that you have to know everything before you consider yourself competent is a big reason why you – and a lot of other people – walk around feeling like a clueless fraud.” ~ Dr. Valerie Young Imposter Syndrome!! Have you heard this term before? You may not have heard it but that necessarily does […]

I have interacted with many to conclude the survival strategies that have helped them to sail through a PhD.  This could compile into  an extensive list of suggestions and strategies, to my surprise and they were diverse with a lot of subjectivity on individuals incorporated. The opinions range from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to meditation […]