There are many PhD students who worry at some point of time about how long their research will be stretched and how soon it can be completed. They face anxious moments while writing a thesis and the biggest hurdle is to defend it successfully so that they can finally move on. Some will manage to […]

I have seen candidates struggling with their PhD and sometimes they just back off. Annual Academic Report stated that over 47% of candidates take their enrolment to PhD back as they are not clear about the research and writing work and that makes their PhD a cumbersome journey to walk through. After discussing with a […]

Some states emphasize on the significance of preparing major projects for getting a masters or doctorate degree, commonly known as thesis writing. A lot of research work and detailed study goes in to developing a good thesis and if sufficient proofreading is not done before submission it might end up being rejected due to minor […]

When as a research scholar you start writing your thesis, it is not just a mere work of writing for which you are going to jot a few well known, well-rehearsed sentences, but a piece of literary art that requires full focus, crystal clear conceptual understanding and subject matter expertise. Owing to these pre requisites […]

Background: The roots of a conceptual framework are associated with ‘Theoretical framework’. A theoretical framework is analogous to the frame of the house. It is a logically structured representation of the concepts, variables and relationships involved in a scientific study with the purpose of clearly identifying what will be explored, described or measured. Just as […]

Did you really say a ‘No’ to Christmas? Is that true? Oh, Come On, you got to be kidding! No reason is big enough to let go off your most awaited day of the year! Because, “Jesus is the Reason for the Season, it is HIStory!” The evergreen month-long time bound by the mesmerizing Christmas […]

How offensive it might feel if you were to come across your own material being passed off by someone else as theirs. This is a nightmare that writers often fear, however at times when people are budding writers and are in the process of making their thesis projects; they may make the mistake of resorting […]

The team of subject matter experts at Thesis Clinic believes that an ‘Abstract’ is a vital part of your thesis as it gives an impression of the quality of research undertaken by the candidate. An ‘Abstract’ should include the following sections: Research Problem Aim & Objectives of the Research Methodology Results Implications Keywords You can […]

Pursuing a doctorate and writing a thesis are not very big tasks; however the most daunting task is when you face a rejection or are asked to correct your work, rewrite and submit again for an evaluation. There are a number of factors that lead to making the task of rewriting a thesis the most […]

If you are in the process of achieving your doctorate and are at the stage of writing a thesis, it is highly likely that you may be struggling to keep your supervisor happy and on the same page as you. It is a fact that if your thesis supervisor is happy with you, you may […]