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Research document creation is impossible without a properly planned literature review. Prior to undertaking a literature review session, it is quite essential for the research student to ensure that his/her writing efforts are being directed in the correct direction. Even a single wrong step can actually put an adverse effect on the quality of the final research document. Therefore, it is important for
the research student to draw a line of difference between the accessible and the inaccessible studies. He/she should pay careful attention to what the results of inaccessible studies might be and how this might differ from what is found in studies that have been retrieved.

Every PhD thesis paper is the outcome of utter dedication and hardwork. If all the steps taken while creating the paper are correct, then the chances for the paper to be 100% flawless tend to grow, while on the other hand if even a single step is wrong, the research student might tend to lose good grades from his/her concerned professors. There is good reason to believe research syntheses will pertain more directly to a target population than will the separate primary research efforts in the topic area. The overall literature can contain studies conducted at different times, on units with different characteristics, and in different locations. A literature can also contain research conducted under different testing conditions with different methods. For certain problem areas containing numerous replications, the diversity of samples accessible to a synthesist should more closely approximate the target population of the primary researcher. The most important way to ensure that the sample of studies in your syntheses is representative of all research on your topic is to conduct a broad and exhaustive search of the literature. By searching a number of relevant databases, you can actually improve the performance of your dissertation.


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