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Thesis writing has become one of the most important aspects of a research scholar’s life. It is a step-by-step process and needs to be undertaken only under expert guidance. Through this blog of mine, I would like to highlight the important components of a thesis writing process.

Here is a pictorial representation of the steps involved in a PhD thesis writing process:-

  • Pre-writing phase – This is the phase in the research paper writing process in which the research scholar collects all the data that is relevant to the chosen topic for research. The student takes care of all the important aspects that are necessary for initiating the process of starting off with the writing of the dissertation/thesis paper.
  • Writing phase – As per this phase of research paper writing process, the student starts writing his/her research paper i.e. includes all the details that he/she has collected, interpreted and analyzed using the most effective tools and strategies.
  • Post-writing phase – After having written the research document (dissertation/thesis), the research student must ensure to revise the same again and again in order to ensure the 100% credibility of the paper.

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