If you are in the process of achieving your doctorate and are at the stage of writing a thesis, it is highly likely that you may be struggling to keep your supervisor happy and on the same page as you. It is a fact that if your thesis supervisor is happy with you, you may […]

When you are set to write a PhD thesis, there are rules and regulations that you are expected to follow. One of the biggest challenges lies in the fact that you are supposed to follow a set format for the completion of the thesis and the format is what helps you get the thesis approved […]

Irrespective of whether you are writing a thesis or a simple essay, the formulation of a thesis statement will be the most difficult aspect of your research work. A thesis statement that is effective asserts, controls, and structures your entire argument. Here are a few ways to write your thesis statement. State Your Thesis Statement […]

Literature review is considered to be one of the most important parts of your research. In fact, it is like the backbone of your project and supports your study objectives and findings. You need to be quite focused while you are documenting your entire literature review in your thesis or dissertation. It should be used […]

“The assumption that you have to know everything before you consider yourself competent is a big reason why you – and a lot of other people – walk around feeling like a clueless fraud.” ~ Dr. Valerie Young Imposter Syndrome!! Have you heard this term before? You may not have heard it but that necessarily does […]

Writing the conclusion is one of the most daunting tasks for a student. The conclusion is a crucial aspect of the thesis as it must elaborate how you have made a contribution to knowledge in the field and you must discuss the implications of your study in the future. This part of the thesis need […]

When students are doing their literature dissertation, they will at some point be required to analyze a story or a poem or a novel. One of the aspects of such an analysis is to describe the personality of one or more of the main characters and write on the courses of action taken by them, […]

Designing an impressive thesis is the requirement of every research student. However, it is a difficult task when there are multiple things to manage while performing research work and when you have to submit all your documents timely. Therefore, you might need to go for professional help in order to design your thesis in a […]

Sometimes, it is challenging to write the Introduction chapter for your research project. This chapter is actually the engine driving your entire document. Writing an introduction to your research is not about displaying your creative writing skills. However, the major aspect of this chapter is evidence-based writing where you need to defend all your statements […]

When scholars are preparing dissertations, they have to take great care in the way they write the terminologies. Every discipline has its own set of terminologies. The scholars have to be aware of what they mean and in what context they need to be used. The knowledge of the scholar can be brought into question […]