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Research paper presentation is considered to be one of the most important features of the entire research paper writing process. Most researchers are actually interested in your interpretation of data rather than the raw data itself, so as a doctoral student it is very important for you to stay focused on the presentation of the concepts and interpretations used in your research document. By adding a speck of professionalism to your research work presentations, you can actually expect greater support and appreciation.

In order to come up with a brilliant presentation, do ensure not to overwhelm the slides with excessive text as doing this makes the information difficult-to-understand. Never use more than three major bullets on a single slide and opt for putting up pictures within the slides as doing this makes the presentation highly interactive and reader-friendly. Always start your presentation with a special mention of the background and motivation for your research work. This forms one of the crucial elements for increasing the count of readers/listeners for your presentation. Never forget to review the past work done for the respective research topic because some of your listeners might question you regarding the literature available for the respective topic. You can use an online journal to search for the relevant publications that are available for the research subject. Make sure to cite references in your presentation.

Presentation is the best platform available for you to portray your research work in an absolutely brilliant manner. You should ensure to provide a brief description of your research framework followed by the strategy used for carrying out the data analysis process. You may use figures and graphs to show the results of data analysis. Pie charts are the best tools for displaying percentages of different categories in a dataset. The best means of closing off your presentation is restating the questions which have been answered via your research work in addition to the ones which remain unanswered. By following a proper plan for the creation of your research paper presentation, you can easily impress a large number of researchers who are interested in knowing a lot more about your research topic.


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